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Neha Wireless

NEHA WIRELESS Best Cell Phone Store

Neha Wireless is an independent Wireless phone sales and repair center. We are local &family owned and have been in the heart ofJonesboro since 2016. We offer an assortment of services such as phone/tablet repairs, device sales, both contract and prepaid plans. In addition we offer Wireless amplifiers and boosters as well as a vast selection of accessories from the top manufacturers. At our core our staff and technicians strive to provide the best customer service experience possible.

The best part about doing business with Neha Wireless is our friendly service, technical expertise and getting the best deals in town. We sell all kinds of new cell phones with all kinds of different cellular services that are sure to meet all of your financial needs. From contracted cell phones from major carriers to prepaid wireless phones, Neha Wireless has it all. We also buy & cell used cell phones. If you need a quick phone for a fraction of the cost of a new phone, we always have used cell phones in stock for all of the major carriers. We also pay the best prices for used cell phones in Neha. If you are in Jonesboro and have a cell phone you no longer need, please give us a call for a fair offer based on the condition of the phone

If you ever break your phone, we feature a full services cell phone repair center that can handle all of your cell phone repairs in Neha. We repair broken screens, stuck buttons, WiFi adapters, software issues, and all hardware issues. We will even troubleshoot the phone for free and provide you with the cost of a repair. If we can’t fix your phone, we will not charge you anything. If we do fix your cell phone, you can reassured knowing we offer the longest warranty on cell phone repairs in Neha. We offer a (15) day cell phone repair warranty on all parts and labor on all of our work. Schedule a drop off of your phone or bring it buy and get it repaired while you shop, whatever the case, we are here to make your life easier!

Neha Wireless


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