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Neha Wireless
  • Category: pre-owned

  • Cosmetic Condition : Refurbished

  • Price : $734.00 $564.00

( Stock Photo, Actual Conditin Varies )

Neha Wireless
condition rating

This condition rating describes only the cosmetic condition of the item.

  • Barnd New Neha Wireless : Item is Brand New. Original box may or may not be included.

  • Open Box Neha Wireless : Item is in box in brand new condition with all original accessories.

  • refurbished Neha Wireless : Item is refurbished LIKE NEW in box.

  • like new Neha Wireless : Cosmetically cannot tell from a brand new item. May or may not include the original packaging.

  • excellent Neha Wireless : Barely a visible sign of use, nearly like new.

  • Very Good Neha Wireless : Little wear and few minor scratches and/or scuffs resulted from light use.

  • Good Neha Wireless : Average wear and some scratches and/or scuffs resulted from normal use.


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