Same Day Repair

When your mobile phone is broken, and you don't want to wait for 4 to 5 days, then you get your phone at Neha Wireless Store and get it fixed today. We fix 99% case the same day.

Low Price Guarantee

We repair devices with the lowest prices so that repaired device will become more cost saver as compared to buying a new one. make alive your broken, dead and old devices with us.

Superior Warranty

Neha Wireless repairs devices with the lowest price guarantee and with a superior warranty so that it would not be a burden again on your pocket if you face the same problem again.

Smartphones at Best Prices


Neha Wireless is Cheapest Cell Phone Store in Jonesboro. Very Soon we are coming to Paragould. Neha Wireless deals in Sales & Purchase of New and Used/Refurbished Cellphones. Which means You can buy new & Used/Refurbished phones from here. Also you can sell your Old Phones to Neha Wireless. Refurbished phones come to us directly from vendors. They are as new like brand new but had some defect in past which has been repaired out. Neha Wireless also do Cellphone repairing including iPhone repairing, Samsung repairing. We are also experts in repairing of Google Pixel, LG, Motorola & ZTE. Our 99.99% cases of repair are done on the same day. Apart from these, we have a wide range of cell phone accessories like phone cases, data cable, Bluetooth, cell phone chargers, Cellphone screen protector and many more. You can get your cell phone insurance here.

Choose your best cell phone plans with us. Neha Wireless offers AT&T, Verizon, H2O, Boost Mobile, Simple Mobile, Total Wireless, Page Plus & Net10 Prepaid and Postpaid plans. You can buy new carrier plans from here or can switch from existing carrier to any other carrier. You can pay your cell phone bills here. Our experts are here to help you to choose best plans among various available plans which will save your valuable money on monthly basis.

Neha Wireless also deals in Computer, Laptop, Printer & Game Console Repairings. You can get your computer and laptop fixed here. Does not matter it has a hardware problem or software problem. Our expert employee will take care of all the issues. Any Brand, Any Problem can be fixed here. We deal in Printer repair and Game Console Repairing as well.

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